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It is necessary to compact arrays with nil values.

For example, if we enforce

  config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = true

on_load hook will call attr_accessible(nil) on ActiveRecord
and it appears that ActiveRecord class attribute _accessible_attributes now is set to

{ :default => #<ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::WhiteList: {""}> }


And when we try to set attr_accessible on any other model, for example

  class User < ActiveRecord
    attr_accessible :admin

and call accessible_attributes, we can get a blank value together with 'admin'

  User.accessible_attributes = ["", "admin"]
@drogus drogus merged commit 41d6371 into rails:master Jun 8, 2012

Hi drogus, thanx for merging. Is it possible to merge it into current stable 3.2 ?

Ruby on Rails member

Frankly I'm not sure. It's fine for me, but technically speaking it changes a behavior of accessible_attributes. Probably no one relies on the fact that it returns blank string as one of the results, so it should be safe, but I would like to get feedback.

/cc @tenderlove @josevalim

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I rely in this behavior, but only for tests propose. It is fine to me, but I'm afraid to add another regression to the 3-2-stable branch.

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