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Make argument `value` optional in form tags helpers #7059

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jalkoby commented Jul 15, 2012

Often I need to build form(sign in or feedback form) with inputs which dont have value. But also I need specify custom style to it. So I use text_field_tag method in which second argument value and third options. But I dont need set value, so I put blank string or nil. As we know sending nil to method not good ruby practice, so I change it to more flexible way

   text_field_tag 'field', :class => 'custom css'

# is equal to

   text_field_tag 'field', nil, :class => 'custom css'

Also changed password field, email field, textarea and etc

jakedev commented Jul 15, 2012

So I normally have this issue too, but removing the nils in commits becomes an error.

jalkoby commented Jul 18, 2012

put changes into single commit

Ruby on Rails member

I didn't like this change. Right now the API is very clear and with this change it will be more confusing.

cc @josevalim

Ruby on Rails member

Agreed with @rafaelfranca

jalkoby commented Jul 21, 2012

maybe next time

@jalkoby jalkoby closed this Jul 21, 2012
Ruby on Rails member

@jalkoby I agree with you about the nil being a smell but right now, changing the API will confuse the people. I'm in favor of a better API to views helpers but we will need a lot of discussion.

Maybe in a next mayor release...

Thank you so much for your contribution. We really appreciate.

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