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New rails changelog mechanism sample #7210

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After yet another rebase I feel like we can solve the problem by split changelog into individual files and concatenate them programmatically.

This PR is just a concept showing a sample how it could be done for activerecord.

└── Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased)
└── Rails 4.1.0 (unreleased)

If everyone agree that it is a good idea I can expand this feature to every Rails library.


A changelog isn't a blog. It's meant to be read quickly, and to have a similar format everywhere.


@dmathieu changelog should stay in it's format. We should just built it from a tiny files for example once a day.


I like the idea, but the only problem is the date. The merge date is not the same that the pull request creation.

Yes, we have a lot of merge problems with the CHANGELOG.
In projects that I maintain, the maintainers are the only people that write in the CHANGELOG, but I think that for Rails it would give more troubles than solutions.


The date is only present to make a kind of sorting: In 90% of cases changes are independent. But in case they depend on each other - rake task can always know which one was first.

I am not trying to solve any other problem other than necessity to rebase because someone added changelog entry in the same place as you in your PR.


Maybe the best option is to not ask the people to update the changelog at the pull request.


I believe with 810a50d, this isn't relevant anymore and this PR could be closed.


Yes, I think we can close it due to that commit and since it didn't get that much traction so far.

@bogdan thanks mate, please feel free to keep the conversation going on the core mailing list, with this or new ideas on how to improve the changelog workflow, it's always welcome.

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