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image_path should return blank string if empty source is passed #7561

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See #7559


I think the correct implementation is right as you pointed in #7559 (

It is returning "/assets/" because you are using the assets pipeline.

@guilleiguaran could you review this one and see if it make sense?


@rafaelfranca shouldn't it return img src="" even with asset pipeline? There were discussions in #3080 #5020


As far as I'm concerned, this comment nails it. That would render invalid HTML, and adding a conditional to handle a case where you're trying to render something incorrectly sounds like a bad idea to me. :-1:.


But then again, since we accepted #5020, apparently this ship has already sailed.


Yeah, I know it's invalid HTML and you can still use tag :img, src: '' (i.e. to play nice with holder.js). But I expected to see this behavior in rails 3, as #5020 was merged.


Any decision on this? Is it need tests?


No, the implementation is right. If returns src="" when with not assets pipeline and src="assets/" with the assets pipeline.

Also I don't think we should change this since this can add incompatible changes in a stable branch.

Closing. Thank you for the pull request

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  1. +1 −1  actionpack/lib/sprockets/helpers/rails_helper.rb
2  actionpack/lib/sprockets/helpers/rails_helper.rb
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ def asset_path(source, options = {})
alias_method :path_to_asset, :asset_path # aliased to avoid conflicts with an asset_path named route
def image_path(source)
- path_to_asset(source)
+ source.empty? ? '' : path_to_asset(source)
alias_method :path_to_image, :image_path # aliased to avoid conflicts with an image_path named route
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