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You asked for a pull request with the changes to make activerecord dynamically determine a model's table name such that it can support database table partitioning.

At the time, I was pretty incompetent with git and github -- I've adjusted and hope I'm doing this first pull request correctly.

Here is a branch of the partitioning code which has been modified to work with this pull request.

I've created a repo with examples of different types of partitioning.

examples are in app/models and can be run like this:

$ cd partitioned_examples
$ rails runner app/models/company_id.rb --force

@keithgabryelski hey, thanks for your work on that. I didn't review the pull request, I'll leave most of it for @tenderlove, but I see you've sent it for 3-2-stable branch.

We usually don't merge new features onto this branch, only bug fixes and backports. So I'll have to ask you to send a new pull request to master instead, because unfortunately github doesn't allow us to change the target branch. You can link to this one if required, and close it afterwards. Thanks!

frodsan commented Oct 26, 2012

@carlosantoniodasilva Hey mate, can you close this? We can 💣 #7584.


Sorry, late for the party, thanks @frodsan @steveklabnik 😄

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