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Refactored some unnecessary '? true : false' statements and fixed a few spacing issues

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Thanks for the tweaks!

Looks like some of these are to ensure a boolean return value. Does that affect these API in any other way? Do tests pass? Are any of the changes to public API, where a developer may be relying on a boolean return value?


True, there's such a case. All tests are passing and the following are my thoughts on changes in files:

  1. I think the change in 'actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/routing/mapper.rb' is okay since 'merge_shallow_scope' is a private method and it's not invoked anywhere.

  2. activesupport/bin/generate_tables : The changes expect fixes for spacing issues were in a commented line :)

  3. activesupport/lib/active_support/multibyte/unicode.rb : It seems unsafe, I've reverted the changes back.

@jherdman jherdman and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Dec 5, 2012
@@ -61,10 +61,10 @@ module ActiveSupport
codepoint.combining_class = Integer($4)
#codepoint.bidi_class = $5
codepoint.decomp_type = $7
- codepoint.decomp_mapping = ($8=='') ? nil : $8.split.collect { |element| element.hex }
- #codepoint.bidi_mirrored = ($13=='Y') ? true : false
- codepoint.uppercase_mapping = ($16=='') ? 0 : $16.hex
- codepoint.lowercase_mapping = ($17=='') ? 0 : $17.hex
+ codepoint.decomp_mapping = ($8 == '') ? nil : $8.split.collect { |element| element.hex }
+ #codepoint.bidi_mirrored = ($13 == 'Y')
jherdman Dec 5, 2012

You may as well delete this one as it's commented out.

ershad Dec 5, 2012

You mean remove the file from commit or delete that line? Thanks.

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Can you leave the merge_shallow_scope one alone - it's there so that there is an explicit :shallow => true/false key in the scope rather than :shallow => nil. It's probably not going to break anything but I'd rather the hash remained consistent.

It is called, but it's masked by meta programming - see this line:


@pixeltrix I see. That file has been removed from the commit.

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@ershad thanks

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Thanks @ershad, but now I'd say it looks more like a cosmetic change, which we usually don't accept because it makes it harder to track the changes (same as removing white spaces for instance). If it's part of a bigger change related to that code, it's usually fine. Thanks again!

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