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replace use of MissingSourceFile with LoadError #8740

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First of all, a top level constant, MissingSourceFile is just an alias of LoadError:

Rails internally uses MissingSourceFile only in this particular case:
and uses LoadError in all other places. I know the Rubyists say "diversity is good", but we don't need diversity like this.

Now the MissingSourceFile constant could be removed from ActiveSupport, but I don't think we're able to do it right now, because I found several libraries referencing a constant with this name, which might be expecting ActiveSupport to define it.

Ruby on Rails member

Should we at least raise a deprecation warning that the constant will be removed in future versions?


Probably should rename the method in the test too.

Ruby on Rails member

I think we should issue a deprecation warning when MissingSourceFile is used.

Ruby on Rails member

This is confusing, but the idea was to detect whether the AS autoloader couldn't find the file. That avoids masking an internal LoadError that the file may raise.

Ruby on Rails member

We are not even raising this constant internally. We should remove its usage and deprecate it.

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca merged commit 370bfda into rails:master
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Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @amatsuda
2 actionpack/lib/abstract_controller/helpers.rb
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ def default_helper_module!
module_name = name.sub(/Controller$/, '')
module_path = module_name.underscore
helper module_path
- rescue MissingSourceFile => e
+ rescue LoadError => e
raise e unless e.is_missing? "helpers/#{module_path}_helper"
rescue NameError => e
raise e unless e.missing_name? "#{module_name}Helper"
17 activesupport/test/core_ext/load_error_test.rb
@@ -1,21 +1,6 @@
require 'abstract_unit'
require 'active_support/core_ext/load_error'
-class TestMissingSourceFile < ActiveSupport::TestCase
- def test_with_require
- assert_raise(MissingSourceFile) { require 'no_this_file_don\'t_exist' }
- end
- def test_with_load
- assert_raise(MissingSourceFile) { load 'nor_does_this_one' }
- end
- def test_path
- begin load 'nor/this/one.rb'
- rescue MissingSourceFile => e
- assert_equal 'nor/this/one.rb', e.path
- end
- end
class TestLoadError < ActiveSupport::TestCase
def test_with_require
assert_raise(LoadError) { require 'no_this_file_don\'t_exist' }
@@ -29,4 +14,4 @@ def test_path
assert_equal 'nor/this/one.rb', e.path
4 activesupport/test/dependencies_test.rb
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ def test_tracking_identical_loaded_files
def test_missing_dependency_raises_missing_source_file
- assert_raise(MissingSourceFile) { require_dependency("missing_service") }
+ assert_raise(LoadError) { require_dependency("missing_service") }
def test_dependency_which_raises_exception_isnt_added_to_loaded_set
@@ -576,7 +576,7 @@ def test_constantize_shortcut_for_cached_constant_lookups
def test_nested_load_error_isnt_rescued
with_loading 'dependencies' do
- assert_raise(MissingSourceFile) do
+ assert_raise(LoadError) do
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