Fix STI descentants by constantizing models #9935

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dfens commented Mar 26, 2013

Assume we've got three models:

class Payment < ActiveRecord::Base
class CardPayment < Payment
class CreditCardPayment < CardPayment

Assume that at least one CreditCardPayment have been added to database.

Run console:

>> CardPayment.last
  CardPayment Load (0.2ms)  SELECT "payments".* FROM "payments" WHERE "payments"."type" IN ('CardPayment') ORDER BY "payments"."id" DESC LIMIT 1
=> nil
>> CardPayment.descendants
=> []
>> CreditCardPayment.last
  CreditCardPayment Load (0.5ms)  SELECT "payments".* FROM "payments" WHERE "payments"."type" IN ('CreditCardPayment') ORDER BY "payments"."id" DESC LIMIT 1
=> #<CreditCardPayment id: 1, type: "CreditCardPayment", created_at: "2013-03-26 15:19:08", updated_at: "2013-03-26 15:19:08">
>> CardPayment.descendants
=> [CreditCardPayment(id: integer, type: string, created_at: datetime, updated_at: datetime)]

So the middle sti model CardPayment does not have descendants till CreditCardPayment will be called. Problem is fixed when preloaded , what do you think?

fxn commented Mar 26, 2013

AR is lazy you cannot just eager load the models.

One of the possible ways to solve this is by calling require_dependency in selected files of the STI hierarchy.

@fxn fxn closed this Mar 26, 2013
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