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@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca released this Nov 27, 2019 · 9013 commits to master since this release

Active Support

  • Make ActiveSupport::Logger Fiber-safe. Fixes #36752.

    Use Fiber.current.__id__ in ActiveSupport::Logger#local_level= in order
    to make log level local to Ruby Fibers in addition to Threads.


    logger =
    logger.level = 1
    p "Main is debug? #{logger.debug?}" {
      logger.local_level = 0
      p "Thread is debug? #{logger.debug?}"
    p "Main is debug? #{logger.debug?}"


    Main is debug? false
    Thread is debug? true
    Main is debug? true


    Main is debug? false
    Thread is debug? true
    Main is debug? false

    Alexander Varnin

Active Model

  • Type cast falsy boolean symbols on boolean attribute as false.

    Fixes #35676.

    Ryuta Kamizono

Active Record

  • Fix circular autosave: true causes invalid records to be saved.

    Prior to the fix, when there was a circular series of autosave: true
    associations, the callback for a has_many association was run while
    another instance of the same callback on the same association hadn't
    finished running. When control returned to the first instance of the
    callback, the instance variable had changed, and subsequent associated
    records weren't saved correctly. Specifically, the ID field for the
    belongs_to corresponding to the has_many was nil.

    Fixes #28080.

    Larry Reid

  • PostgreSQL: Fix GROUP BY with ORDER BY virtual count attribute.

    Fixes #36022.

    Ryuta Kamizono

  • Fix sqlite3 collation parsing when using decimal columns.

    Martin R. Schuster

  • Make ActiveRecord ConnectionPool.connections method thread-safe.

    Fixes #36465.

    Jeff Doering

  • Assign all attributes before calling build to ensure the child record is visible in
    before_add and after_add callbacks for has_many :through associations.

    Fixes #33249.

    Ryan H. Kerr

Action View

  • Allow programmatic click events to trigger Rails UJS click handlers.
    Programmatic click events (eg. ones generated by, "click")) don't specify a button. These events were being incorrectly stopped by code meant to ignore scroll wheel and right clicks introduced in #34573.

    Sudara Williams

Action Pack

  • No changes.

Active Job

  • No changes.

Action Mailer

  • No changes.

Action Cable

  • No changes.

Active Storage

  • No changes.


  • Use original bundler environment variables during the process of generating a new rails project.

    Marco Costa

  • Allow loading seeds without ActiveJob.

    Fixes #35782

    Jeremy Weathers

  • Only force :async ActiveJob adapter to :inline during seeding.


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