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@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca released this Dec 9, 2019 · 2563 commits to master since this release

Active Support

  • Eager load translations during initialization.

    Diego Plentz

  • Use per-thread CPU time clock on ActiveSupport::Notifications.

    George Claghorn

Active Model

  • No changes.

Active Record

  • Share the same connection pool for primary and replica databases in the
    transactional tests for the same database.

    Edouard Chin

  • Fix the preloader when one record is fetched using after_initialize
    but not the entire collection.

    Bradley Price

  • Fix collection callbacks not terminating when :abort is thrown.

    Edouard Chin, Ryuta Kamizono

  • Correctly deprecate where.not working as NOR for relations.

    12a9664 deprecated where.not working as NOR, however
    doing a relation query like where.not(relation: { ... })
    wouldn't be properly deprecated and where.not would work as
    NAND instead.

    Edouard Chin

  • Fix db:migrate task with multiple databases to restore the connection
    to the previous database.

    The migrate task iterates and establish a connection over each db
    resulting in the last one to be used by subsequent rake tasks.
    We should reestablish a connection to the connection that was
    established before the migrate tasks was run

    Edouard Chin

  • Fix multi-threaded issue for AcceptanceValidator.

    Ryuta Kamizono

Action View

  • No changes.

Action Pack

  • Allow using mountable engine route helpers in System Tests.

    Chalo Fernandez

Active Job

Action Mailer

  • Fix ActionMailer assertions don't work for parameterized mail with legacy delivery job.


Action Cable

  • No changes.

Active Storage

  • No changes.

Action Mailbox

  • No changes.

Action Text

  • No changes.


  • Fix the collision check for the scaffold generator.

    Ryan Robeson

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