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core_ext Backport: allow array and hash query parameters. Array route paramete…
json Ensure json tests run in stable.
multibyte Improved performance by relying less on exception raising #8159 [Blaine]
values Pull in latest multibyte patch. Closes #6346 [Manfred Stienstra]
vendor Keep the irrelevant stuff out with :nodoc:
binding_of_caller.rb Documentation stuff
breakpoint.rb quell warnings
caching_tools.rb Add CachingTools::HashCaching to simplify the creation of nested, aut…
clean_logger.rb Added reusable reloading support through the inclusion of the Relodab…
core_ext.rb Moved Active Support into its own gem
dependencies.rb Merge [6426] to stable
deprecation.rb Merge [6140] from trunk.
inflections.rb Inflections: don't singularize -ies plurals.
inflector.rb Merge [6075] from trunk. References #7228.
json.rb Merge [5486] from trunk.
multibyte.rb Keep the irrelevant stuff out with :nodoc:
option_merger.rb Don't undefine #class in OptionMerger [Rick]
ordered_options.rb Use Array#assoc in ActiveSupport::OrderedHash.
reloadable.rb Keep the irrelevant stuff out with :nodoc:
version.rb Update versions for release
whiny_nil.rb occured -> occurred. Closes #5559.
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