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cache MemoryStore#read_multi(*keys) for dev-mode compatibility with memcach…
json Add an OkJson backend and remove the YAML backend
locale fixing invalid yaml [#4418 state:resolved]
multibyte fix stack trace lines on class_eval
testing Revert "scrub instance variables from test cases on teardown"
values Rewrite the clause to pluck the existing value from zones_map before …
vendor Fix [54a5088] where the i18n gem was wrongly updated to 0.4.1.
xml_mini Added two SAX-based backends for XmlMini, using both LibXML and Nokog…
all.rb Add active_support/all for forward compatibility.
backtrace_cleaner.rb Added ActiveSupport::BacktraceCleaner and Rails::BacktraceCleaner for…
base64.rb Merge docrails
basic_object.rb Backport BlankSlate removal from ActiveSupport::BasicObject [#5911 st…
buffered_logger.rb Require thread explicitly rather than relying on rubygems to do it.
callbacks.rb Allow multiple conditions for callbacks [#1627 state:resolved]
core_ext.rb Rails 3: move core_ext/blank to core_ext/object/blank for forward com…
dependencies.rb require 'thread' for Mutex dependency
deprecation.rb Override new on proxy objects so that they never wrap nil or false.
duration.rb make #inspect if zero length duration return '0 seconds' instead of e…
gzip.rb Improve documentation.
inflections.rb Changed the way inflections for uncountables work for 'funky jeans'
inflector.rb Changed the way inflections for uncountables work for 'funky jeans'
json.rb JSON: split encoding and coercion
memoizable.rb memoized protected methods should remain protected
message_encryptor.rb Rescue OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError or OpenSSL::CipherError depending…
message_verifier.rb Ensure MessageVerifier raises appropriate exception on tampered data
multibyte.rb Add verify and clean methods to ActiveSupport::Multibyte.
option_merger.rb Added lambda merging to OptionMerger (especially useful with named_sc…
ordered_hash.rb Fix OrderedHash merging with block given.
ordered_options.rb Namespace Inflector, Dependencies, OrderedOptions, and TimeZone under…
rescuable.rb Don't shadow local with black arg
secure_random.rb Lazy-require OpenSSL. Skip entirely if SecureRandom is available.
string_inquirer.rb Don't rely on string CoreExtensions in StringInquirer since it is som…
test_case.rb Revert "scrub instance variables from test cases on teardown"
time_with_zone.rb JSON: split encoding and coercion
vendor.rb Update bundled i18n gem to 0.4.1 to make sure every project will be w…
version.rb bumping to 2.3.18
whiny_nil.rb Revert "Ruby 1.9.2: explicitly raise NoMethodError for attempts at ex…
xml_mini.rb Make it easier to swap XmlMini backends. Require Nokogiri >= 1.1.1 fo…
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