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associations use self.method syntax to resolve circular argument issues
attribute_methods Fix handling of dirty time zone aware attributes
coders Make serialized columns with explicit object_type return a new instan…
connection_adapters Check against bit string values using multiline regexp
locale Deletes trailing whitespaces (over text files only find * -type f -ex…
locking Specified column type for quote_value
migration Fix GH #4285. Remove options when we record calling creat_table
scoping Fix named scope + class method example
serializers no need to check for this constant
validations Backported #7072 to 3-2-stable. Use database value for uniqueness val…
aggregations.rb Revert "Deprecating composed_of in ActiveRecord"
associations.rb Eager autoload ActiveRecord association helpers
attribute_assignment.rb Merge pull request #6676 from aurelian/master
attribute_methods.rb ActiveRecord#attributes optimization: minimize objects created
autosave_association.rb Merge pull request #11451 from jetthoughts/11450_do_not_resave_destro…
base.rb Do not override attributes on `dup` by default scopes
callbacks.rb Added back the Callback debugging section by interrogating the _*_cal…
counter_cache.rb Refactor
dynamic_finder_match.rb Add dynamic find_or_create_by_{attribute}! method.
dynamic_scope_match.rb constructor should not do so much work; avoid allocating object if po…
errors.rb Consider attempted action in exception message of ActiveRecord::Stale…
explain.rb Merge pull request #6197 from blakesmith/connection_adapters_without_…
explain_subscriber.rb Don't try to EXPLAIN select_db calls
identity_map.rb refactor instantiate method in base, so we remove nesting if's which …
inheritance.rb refactor instantiate method in base, so we remove nesting if's which …
integration.rb Allow users to choose the timestamp format in the cache key
log_subscriber.rb Ignore binds payload with nil column in AR log subscriber
migration.rb recognize migrations, in folders containing numbers and 'rb'.
model_schema.rb Allow global override of default STI inheritance column
observer.rb Allow ActiveRecord observers to be disabled.
persistence.rb Unscope update_column(s) query to ignore default scope
querying.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
railtie.rb backport runner fixes to 3-2-stable
readonly_attributes.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
reflection.rb Merge branch 'master' of
relation.rb stop calling to_sym when building arel nodes [CVE-2013-1854]
result.rb Freeze columns only once per Result
sanitization.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
schema.rb Allow to run migrations from more than one directory
schema_dumper.rb Merge pull request #4396 from kennyj/fix_4259
scoping.rb Move DefaultScope and NamedScope under Scoping
serialization.rb Revert "Implement ArraySerializer and move old serialization API to a…
store.rb Fix ActiveRecord::Store not tracking changes
timestamp.rb Merge pull request #7371 from csmuc/fix_dup_validation_errors
transactions.rb frozen state should be restored after txn is aborted
translation.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
validations.rb Remove extra white spaces on ActiveRecord docs.
version.rb bumping version for relesase
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