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associations Merge pull request #11694 from Empact/association-bind-values-not-upd…
attribute_methods Add array support when time zone aware attributes are enabled
coders Remove all error masking when decoding serialized data fails?
connection_adapters [ci skip] Fix broken strict option link in MySQL adapter (4-0-stable)
fixture_set drop errors constant
locale Changed scope for "taken" error message translation to decrease prece…
locking Merge pull request #11650 from prathamesh-sonpatki/rename
migration Merge pull request #14034 from hdabrows/drop-correct-index-when-rever…
railties `bin/rake db:migrate:status` works with legacy migration numbers.
relation Merge branch '4-0-9' into 4-0-stable
scoping Revert "Merge pull request #14544 from jefflai2/named_scope_sti"
serializers 1.9 Syntax related changes
tasks Merge pull request #11839 from chocoby/fix/convert_port_number
validations Merge pull request #12774 from exAspArk/fix_uniqueness_on_relation
aggregations.rb Merge branch 'master' of
association_relation.rb Merge pull request #14592 from laurocaetano/equality_between_relation…
associations.rb Merge pull request #16489 from tomkadwill/updating_options_to_new_style
attribute_assignment.rb Refactoring validate_missing_parameters to validate_required_parameters.
attribute_methods.rb fix test from 7537057
autosave_association.rb Do not mark object as persisted after an association is saved
base.rb Timestamp values should be present on callbacks
callbacks.rb Merge pull request #11650 from prathamesh-sonpatki/rename
connection_handling.rb Use Sqlite3 adapter in examples
core.rb Merge pull request #14796 from kuldeepaggarwal/fix-save-issue
counter_cache.rb Merge pull request #16028 from cade/fix_counter_cache_count_with_asso…
dynamic_matchers.rb Merge pull request #13264 from laurocaetano/fix_dynamic_finder_with_r…
errors.rb StatementInvalid takes WrappedDatabaseException's place
explain.rb let EXPLAIN use a thread locals registry [John J. Wang & Xavier Noria]
explain_registry.rb add :nodoc: mark to *Registry classes [ci skip]
explain_subscriber.rb Don't try to EXPLAIN select_db calls
fixtures.rb make it possible to access fixtures excluded by a `default_scope`.
inheritance.rb Don't try to get the subclass if the inheritance column doesn't exist
integration.rb Prefer find_by over dynamic finders in rdoc
log_subscriber.rb removes calls to AR::Runtime.instance
migration.rb `bin/rake db:migrate:status` works with legacy migration numbers.
model_schema.rb Merge pull request #12038 from SamSaffron/memoize_decorate_cols
nested_attributes.rb Merge pull request #9426 from exviva/nested_attributes_reuse_existing…
null_relation.rb Merge pull request #14773 from eric-chahin/null_relation_fix
persistence.rb Merge pull request #16049 from matthewd/find-via-reload
query_cache.rb Fix typo.
querying.rb Delegate #unscope query method
railtie.rb Merge pull request #11698 from dmathieu/sqlite_tasks_without_rails
readonly_attributes.rb Make caller attribute in deprecation methods optional
reflection.rb Merge pull request #14965 from eric-chahin/issue_14824
relation.rb Merge pull request #14592 from laurocaetano/equality_between_relation…
result.rb Merge pull request #12065 from SamSaffron/result_optimisation
runtime_registry.rb add :nodoc: mark to *Registry classes [ci skip]
sanitization.rb Fix a couple issues on PostgreSQL with array columns
schema.rb Merge pull request #10503 from kstevens715/master
schema_dumper.rb Push default_function to superclass to avoid method check
schema_migration.rb `ActiveRecord::SchemaMigration` has no primary key.
scoping.rb Revert "Merge pull request #14544 from jefflai2/named_scope_sti"
serialization.rb `ActiveRecord::Base.include_root_in_json` is `false` by default.
statement_cache.rb minor edit on StatementCache documentation [ci skip]
store.rb Merge pull request #14833 from jyao6/attribute_inheritance
test_case.rb Merge pull request #14546 from eileencodes/fix_delete_all_to_not_use_…
timestamp.rb Merge pull request #11650 from prathamesh-sonpatki/rename
transactions.rb Merge pull request #15042 from arthurnn/revert_dirty_transactions
translation.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
validations.rb drop variable assignment in validations
version.rb Preparing for 4.0.13 release
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