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cache Merge pull request #13617 from arthurnn/error_var
concurrency added live responses which can be written and read in separate threads
core_ext As of Unicode 6.3, Mongolian Vowel Separator is not whitespace
dependencies remove unnecessary always-nil var from #compact
deprecation renames the :abort deprecation behaviour to :raise
inflector Revert "Merge pull request #8156 from fredwu/acronym_fix-master"
json The option is called encode_big_decimal_as_string [ci skip]
locale Remove i18n symbol dependency
log_subscriber `Model.all` alone does nothing
multibyte As of Unicode 6.3, Mongolian Vowel Separator is not whitespace
notifications use a thread local rather than a queue so events are in the right order
testing make `collect_deprecations` available.
values make tests pass on Ruby 2.2
xml_mini change merge to merge! in AS on new hashes
all.rb AS json refactor, move to_json implementation to core_ext and a clean…
backtrace_cleaner.rb Fix BacktraceCleaner#noise for multiple silencers.
basic_object.rb fix AS::BasicObject :nodoc: [ci skip]
benchmarkable.rb Make caller attribute in deprecation methods optional
buffered_logger.rb deprecation warning when BufferedLogger is instantiated
builder.rb Unforce builder from AS
cache.rb Check by @v before converting the entry on expired?
callbacks.rb Merge pull request #13287 from aayushkhandelwal11/typo_rectified
concern.rb Fix another AS::Concern example (class_eval is already called by incl…
configurable.rb Replace comments' non-breaking spaces with spaces
core_ext.rb Tidying up some require : removing useless sort and homogenizing with…
dependencies.rb Make dependencies.rb add a name to NameError
deprecation.rb explains why these requires are in an unusual place
descendants_tracker.rb Make DescendantsTracker thread safe and optimize the #descendants met…
duration.rb Merge pull request #13055 from dmitriy-kiriyenko/fix-segmentation-fau…
file_update_checker.rb Cleanup Ruby 2.1 warnings on File.exists?
file_watcher.rb use === so that regular expressions are not required
gzip.rb added compress options for gzip
hash_with_indifferent_access.rb Merge pull request #14518 from Peeja/hash-wia-update-respects-to-hash…
i18n.rb Supress warning about method redifinition
i18n_railtie.rb i18n.enforce_available_locales overrides the I18n configuration
inflections.rb Make ActiveSupport::Inflector locale aware and multilingual
inflector.rb Break up inflector to reduce the dependency burden on dependency-les …
json.rb JSON: split encoding and coercion
key_generator.rb Rename DummyKeyGenerator -> LegacyKeyGenerator
lazy_load_hooks.rb update AS docs [ci skip]
log_subscriber.rb Extract a base class from ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber
logger.rb Revert "Make sure that ActiveSupport::Logger includes the Logger exte…
logger_silence.rb Revert "Make sure that ActiveSupport::Logger includes the Logger exte…
message_encryptor.rb Merge pull request #9980 from stouset/patch-1
message_verifier.rb Updated docs due to removal of serializer accessor
multibyte.rb Replace comments' non-breaking spaces with spaces
notifications.rb hides the per thread registry instance, and caches singleton methods
number_helper.rb Merge pull request #12347 from macmartine/master
option_merger.rb Merge pull request #14572 from laurocaetano/with_options_and_scope
ordered_hash.rb Syntax polishing
ordered_options.rb update AS docs [ci skip]
per_thread_registry.rb use define_singleton_method instead of class_eval
proxy_object.rb fix reference to ActiveSupport::ProxyObject
rails.rb removes usage of Object#in? from the code base (the method remains de…
railtie.rb Revert "Set the default timezone after the initialization since the c…
rescuable.rb Remove unneeded require
string_inquirer.rb update AS docs [ci skip]
subscriber.rb Created a registry based on the +PerThreadRegistry+ module for
tagged_logging.rb Merge pull request #13134 from rubiii/patch-1
test_case.rb Revert "prevent minitest from printing a --seed run option"
time.rb Clean up 'active_support/time' requires
time_with_zone.rb Correct `as_json` return example to display miliseconds
version.rb Preparing for 4.0.13 release
xml_mini.rb Merge pull request #12769 from birkirb/master
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