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branch: 4-1-stable

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Revert "Merge pull request #17920 from calebthompson/dont-rely-on-env…


This reverts commit 08ff4cc, reversing
changes made to 6c9ed6d.

Caused by #17920.

Closes #19545.

This patch introduced regressions because initializers were no longer
loaded. Specifically missing inflections result in broken restores of
the database.

latest commit d670db5023
@senny senny authored
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attribute_methods Allow custom handling of non-standard types in `time_zone_conversion`
coders Fixed JSON coder when loading NULL from DB
connection_adapters [ci skip] Fix broken strict option link in MySQL adapter (4-1-stable)
fixture_set Introduce a context for rendering fixtures ERB.
locale Revert "Merge pull request #11416 from tigrish/master"
locking Merge pull request #11650 from prathamesh-sonpatki/rename
migration Drop the correct index after reverting a migration
railties Revert "Merge pull request #17920 from calebthompson/dont-rely-on-env…
relation Merge pull request #19452 from pinglamb/fix-referencing-wrong-alias-w…
scoping Revert "Merge pull request #14544 from jefflai2/named_scope_sti"
serializers 1.9 Syntax related changes
tasks `db:structure:load` and `db:schema:load` no longer purge the database.
validations Fix +false+ values when validating uniqueness
association_relation.rb Merge pull request #14756 from laurocaetano/fix-count-on-association-…
associations.rb Merge pull request #16489 from tomkadwill/updating_options_to_new_style
attribute_assignment.rb assign_attributes should return if argument is blank.
autosave_association.rb Do not mark object as persisted after an association is saved
callbacks.rb Merge pull request #11650 from prathamesh-sonpatki/rename
core.rb docs, bring back `ActiveRecord::Core` methods in the API. [ci skip]
counter_cache.rb Merge pull request #16028 from cade/fix_counter_cache_count_with_asso…
dynamic_matchers.rb Fixed a bug in AR::Base#respond_to?
enum.rb nodoc enum hooks [ci skip]
errors.rb Tell how to Create a Database in Error Message
explain.rb let EXPLAIN use a thread locals registry [John J. Wang & Xavier Noria]
explain_registry.rb add :nodoc: mark to *Registry classes [ci skip]
explain_subscriber.rb Don't try to EXPLAIN select_db calls
inheritance.rb Move changed_attributes into dirty.rb
integration.rb Fix to_param when attribute has multibyte character
log_subscriber.rb Merge pull request #14946 from jcoleman/fix-null-binary-column-loggin…
migration.rb Merge pull request #17739 from rails/bring_back_db_test_prepare
model_schema.rb added schema_migrations_table_name to ActiveRecord::Base in order tha…
nested_attributes.rb Refactoring .reflections public method.
no_touching.rb add #no_touching on ActiveRecord models
null_relation.rb Merge pull request #14803 from kuldeepaggarwal/null_relation_sum_fix
persistence.rb Merge pull request #17139 from mfazekas/fix_becomes_changed_attributes
query_cache.rb Fix typo.
railtie.rb Merge pull request #17739 from rails/bring_back_db_test_prepare
readonly_attributes.rb Remove instance level attr_readonly setting was deprecated.
reflection.rb Rename association option :class to :anonymous_class
relation.rb Fix Baseclass becomes! subclass.
result.rb Return sized enumerator from Batches#find_each
runtime_registry.rb Stop using method missing for singleton delegation.
schema.rb Call assume_migrated_upto_version on connection
schema_dumper.rb Merge pull request #16127 from Envek/fix_16111
schema_migration.rb `ActiveRecord::SchemaMigration` has no primary key.
statement_cache.rb minor edit on StatementCache documentation [ci skip]
store.rb Merge pull request #14833 from jyao6/attribute_inheritance
timestamp.rb Merge pull request #11650 from prathamesh-sonpatki/rename
translation.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
validations.rb drop variable assignment in validations
version.rb Introduce `Rails.gem_version`
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