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kamipo SQLite3: Implement `add_foreign_key` and `remove_foreign_key`
I implemented Foreign key create in `create_table` for SQLite3 at
#24743. This follows #24743 to implement `add_foreign_key` and
Unfortunately SQLite3 has one limitation that
`PRAGMA foreign_key_list(table-name)` doesn't have constraint name.
So we couldn't implement find/remove foreign key by name for now.

Fixes #35207.
Closes #31343.
Latest commit da58434 Feb 10, 2019

Action Mailbox

Action Mailbox routes incoming emails to controller-like mailboxes for processing in Rails. It ships with ingresses for Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, Postmark, and SendGrid. You can also handle inbound mails directly via the built-in Exim, Postfix, and Qmail ingresses.

The inbound emails are turned into InboundEmail records using Active Record and feature lifecycle tracking, storage of the original email on cloud storage via Active Storage, and responsible data handling with on-by-default incineration.

These inbound emails are routed asynchronously using Active Job to one or several dedicated mailboxes, which are capable of interacting directly with the rest of your domain model.

You can read more about Action Mailbox in the Action Mailbox Basics guide.


Action Mailbox is released under the MIT License.