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locale Move the `validate!` method to `ActiveModel::Validations`.
serializers Eliminate instance level writers for class accessors
type Refactor tz aware types, add support for PG ranges
validations Convert non-`Numeric` values to Floats
attribute_assignment.rb Update and fix forbidden attributes tests
attribute_methods.rb Require only necessary concurrent-ruby classes.
callbacks.rb Fix the AS::Callbacks terminator regression from 4.2.3
conversion.rb Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English
dirty.rb Merge pull request #22333 from harrykiselev/patch-3
errors.rb Add documentation about method to describe how it works [ci skip]
forbidden_attributes_protection.rb Fix AC::Parameters not being sanitized for query methods.
gem_version.rb Preparing for Rails 5.0.0.beta2
lint.rb Better docs for AM::Lint::Tests
model.rb use attribute assignment module logic during active model initialization
naming.rb use ActiveModel::Naming module instead of Model [ci skip]
railtie.rb Use BCrypt's MIN_COST in the test environment for speedier tests
secure_password.rb Fix spelling error in has_secure_password documentation [ci skip]
serialization.rb [ci skip] Fix explanation of `ActiveModel::Serialization`
test_case.rb Remove dead code from AMo.
translation.rb Convert ActiveModel to 1.9 hash syntax.
type.rb Add an immutable string type to opt out of string duping
validations.rb Eliminate instance level writers for class accessors
validator.rb Change the deprecation messages to show the preferred way to work with
version.rb Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English
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