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Latest commit de9b870 @sgrif sgrif Merge pull request #21000 from twalpole/find_or_parameter_issues
Update and fix forbidden attributes test issues caused by AC::Parameters change
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locale Move the `validate!` method to `ActiveModel::Validations`.
serializers Remove XML Serialization from core.
type All strings returned by `ImmutableString` should be frozen
validations Merge pull request #19851 from repinel/numericality-validation2
attribute_assignment.rb Update and fix forbidden attributes tests
attribute_methods.rb Require only necessary concurrent-ruby classes.
callbacks.rb Fix the AS::Callbacks terminator regression from 4.2.3
conversion.rb Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English
dirty.rb Merge pull request #22333 from harrykiselev/patch-3
errors.rb File encoding is defaulted to utf-8 in Ruby >= 2.1
forbidden_attributes_protection.rb Fix AC::Parameters not being sanitized for query methods.
gem_version.rb Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English
lint.rb Better docs for AM::Lint::Tests
model.rb use attribute assignment module logic during active model initialization
naming.rb use ActiveModel::Naming module instead of Model [ci skip]
railtie.rb Use BCrypt's MIN_COST in the test environment for speedier tests
secure_password.rb Fix spelling error in has_secure_password documentation [ci skip]
serialization.rb [ci skip] Fix explanation of `ActiveModel::Serialization`
test_case.rb Remove dead code from AMo.
translation.rb Convert ActiveModel to 1.9 hash syntax.
type.rb Add an immutable string type to opt out of string duping
validations.rb Validate multiple contexts on `valid?` and `invalid?` at once.
validator.rb Change the deprecation messages to show the preferred way to work with
version.rb Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English
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