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Latest commit 89e2f7e May 17, 2016 @jeremy jeremy Support for unified Integer class in Ruby 2.4+
Ruby 2.4 unifies Fixnum and Bignum into Integer:

* Forward compat with new unified Integer class in Ruby 2.4+.
* Backward compat with separate Fixnum/Bignum in Ruby 2.2 & 2.3.
* Drops needless Fixnum distinction in docs, preferring Integer.
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locale Move the `validate!` method to `ActiveModel::Validations`. Feb 20, 2015
serializers Eliminate instance level writers for class accessors Jan 22, 2016
type Change RangeError to a more specific ActiveModel::RangeError May 3, 2016
validations Support for unified Integer class in Ruby 2.4+ May 18, 2016
attribute_assignment.rb Update and fix forbidden attributes tests Nov 3, 2015
attribute_methods.rb Require only necessary concurrent-ruby classes. Nov 4, 2015
callbacks.rb Fix the AS::Callbacks terminator regression from 4.2.3 Sep 22, 2015
conversion.rb - [ci skip] `regardless` is usually followed by `of` and not by `if .… Apr 21, 2016
dirty.rb Fixed bug introduced in #24519. Makes build green again Apr 13, 2016
errors.rb Merge branch 'master' of May 14, 2016
forbidden_attributes_protection.rb Fix AC::Parameters not being sanitized for query methods. Oct 2, 2015
gem_version.rb Start Rails 5.1 development :tada: May 10, 2016
lint.rb Better docs for AM::Lint::Tests Jan 7, 2015
model.rb use attribute assignment module logic during active model initialization Jan 23, 2015
naming.rb use ActiveModel::Naming module instead of Model [ci skip] Oct 6, 2015
railtie.rb Use BCrypt's MIN_COST in the test environment for speedier tests Nov 14, 2012
secure_password.rb Fix spelling error in has_secure_password documentation [ci skip] Mar 3, 2015
serialization.rb [ci skip] Fix explanation of `ActiveModel::Serialization` Oct 2, 2015
test_case.rb Remove dead code from AMo. Dec 20, 2011
translation.rb Convert ActiveModel to 1.9 hash syntax. May 1, 2013
type.rb use same name to type object Mar 9, 2016
validations.rb Eliminate instance level writers for class accessors Jan 22, 2016
validator.rb Chomp: prefer String#chomp where we can for a clarity boost Apr 29, 2016
version.rb Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English Jan 2, 2015
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