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cache Merge pull request #20251 from davydovanton/doc-memory-store
concurrency Handle thread death during lock acquisition
core_ext Tiny documentation edits [ci skip]
dependencies We need stricter locking before we can unload
deprecation A few documentation tweaks [ci skip]
inflector Fix tests broken by previous commit
json Escape HTML entities in JSON keys
locale Remove i18n symbol dependency
log_subscriber Add `:nodoc:` for internal testing methods [ci skip]
multibyte Freeze string literals when not mutated.
notifications Replace `#=>` with `# =>` [ci skip]
number_helper Give respond_to? a Symbol
testing Add multiple expected calls to assert_called_with.
values Improve ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone conversion to YAML
xml_mini enforce a depth limit on XML documents
all.rb Clean up `require ‘active_support/deprecation’` and remove circular r…
array_inquirer.rb [skip ci] Update documentation for ArrayInquirer#any?
backtrace_cleaner.rb Fix `thoughtbot` capitalization
benchmarkable.rb Remove ActiveSupport::Benchmarkable#silence was deprecated.
builder.rb Unforce builder from AS
cache.rb Skip the `:race_condition_ttl` branch if the option is 0 or nil. This…
callbacks.rb Revert "Revert "Reduce allocations when running AR callbacks.""
concern.rb Fix for #20489 - ActiveSupport::Concern#class_methods affects parent …
configurable.rb Privatize config_accessor as with attr_accessor
core_ext.rb Remove Struct#to_h backport
dependencies.rb Merge pull request #20928 from matthewd/unload-interlock
deprecation.rb Updated the deprecation warnings to 5.0
descendants_tracker.rb Make DescendantsTracker thread safe and optimize the #descendants met…
duration.rb [skip ci] Update documentation for Duration#to_s
file_update_checker.rb clean up some warnings on trunk ruby
gem_version.rb Start Rails 5 development :tada:
gzip.rb added compress options for gzip
hash_with_indifferent_access.rb ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess select and reject should ret…
i18n.rb Require different core extensions correctly.
i18n_railtie.rb Use public Module#include, in favor of…
inflections.rb docs, hide inflector comment targeting only contributors. [ci skip]
inflector.rb Break up inflector to reduce the dependency burden on dependency-les …
json.rb JSON: split encoding and coercion
key_generator.rb Fix secrets.yml path in exception message
lazy_load_hooks.rb changed rails -> Rails at two places
log_subscriber.rb Extract a base class from ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber
logger.rb Remove deprecated cattr_* requires
logger_silence.rb Revert "Make sure that ActiveSupport::Logger includes the Logger exte…
message_encryptor.rb Freeze string literals when not mutated.
message_verifier.rb Freeze string literals when not mutated.
multibyte.rb Replace comments' non-breaking spaces with spaces
notifications.rb added description for rails generators, and fixed sentence formation …
number_helper.rb Fix spelling [ci skip]
option_merger.rb Fix error when using `with_options` with lambda.
ordered_hash.rb Fix to return self instance.
ordered_options.rb Add to RDoc of OrderedOptions the bang info
per_thread_registry.rb Perf: save ~9% of object allocations on heavy requests.
proxy_object.rb fix reference to ActiveSupport::ProxyObject
rails.rb [ci skip] Update ActiveSupport::Rails and ActiveSupport::Rescuable docs
railtie.rb Avoid to define an initializer after the load_config_initializers
rescuable.rb [ci skip] Update ActiveSupport::Rails and ActiveSupport::Rescuable docs
security_utils.rb Add AS::SecurityUtils.secure_compare for constant time string comparison
string_inquirer.rb Doc fix [ci skip]
subscriber.rb Merge pull request #19902 from khundawg/dm-active-support-subsciber-doc
tagged_logging.rb Doc fix [ci skip]
test_case.rb Improve test runner's Minitest integration.
time.rb Remove `require 'active_support'` from individual modules
time_with_zone.rb Fix `TimeWithZone#eql?` to handle `TimeWithZone` created from `DateTime`
version.rb Introduce `Rails.gem_version`
xml_mini.rb enforce a depth limit on XML documents
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