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array Merge pull request #19814 from y-yagi/array_inquiry
big_decimal Remove deprecated core_ext/big_decimal/yaml_conversions file
class Remove `.superclass_delegating_accessor`. Refer #14271
date [skip ci] Update documentation for Date class
date_and_time Merge pull request #20049 from iamvery/patch-1
date_time Better doc for AS::DateTime#seconds_since_midnight
digest Move uuid_v5 and uuid_v3 to Digest::UUID
file Return value of yielded block in File.atomic_write
hash Doc fixes [ci skip]
integer Move Integer#positive? and Integer#negative? query methods to Numeric…
kernel No need of requiring `rbconfig`, it is by-default loaded
module Clearify that alias_method_chain is deprecated
numeric Only define #positive? and #negative? on Ruby 2.2
object Small stylistic tweaks for `Delegator#try` patch
range Use #prepend rather than using 2 aliases
string Speedup String#squish
time Only coerce time when comparing if necessary
array.rb Revert "Remove Array#inquiry"
benchmark.rb add documentation to Benchmark#ms [ci skip]
big_decimal.rb Convert bigdecimal extension modules to class reopens
class.rb Remove `.superclass_delegating_accessor`. Refer #14271
date.rb Squashed commit of the following:
date_time.rb Squashed commit of the following:
enumerable.rb Use include? instead of in? for Enumerable#without.
file.rb remove File#to_path alias
hash.rb Add `Hash#map_values` to ActiveSupport
integer.rb Move Integer#positive? and Integer#negative? query methods to Numeric…
kernel.rb Remove debugger support
load_error.rb Deprecate `MissingSourceFile` in favor of `LoadError`.
marshal.rb Mark some constants as nodoc and remove unneeded namespace
module.rb Introduce Module#concerning
name_error.rb NameError#missing_name? can jsut use NameError#name if the arg is a S…
numeric.rb Move Integer#positive? and Integer#negative? query methods to Numeric…
object.rb Removed Object#itself as it's implemented in ruby 2.2
range.rb Disable ability to iterate over a Range of TimeWithZone
regexp.rb Replace decaying routing internals w/ rack-mount
securerandom.rb Add missing require
string.rb `fast_xs` support has been removed. Use 'String#encode(xml: :attr)`.
struct.rb Remove Struct#to_h backport
time.rb Remove unneeded Time patch to support Ruby 1.9
uri.rb Convert URI.parser.parse to URI.parse, and remove ruby 1.8.x code.
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