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actions Merge pull request #17302 from claudiob/replace-slower-block-call-wit…
css nodoc CSS::Generators [ci skip]
erb Merge pull request #18393 from y-yagi/fix_mailer
js/assets Fixing build failures
rails Updated MySQL documentation link to MySQL latest version 5.6 everywhe…
test_unit respect `pluralize_table_names` when generate fixture file. fixes #19519
testing - Extracted silence_stream method to new module in activesupport/test…
actions.rb Add a new-line to the end of route method generated code.
active_model.rb Removed unused deprecation requires.
app_base.rb Update sprockets links to point to rails org
base.rb Pass symbol as an argument instead of a block
erb.rb Always return an array from formats so there is no need to wrap it wh…
generated_attribute.rb Add Secure Token Generator
migration.rb Fix typo 'has' => 'have'
model_helpers.rb modify model generator warning message. refs [#174c9f0]
named_base.rb respect `pluralize_table_names` when generate fixture file. fixes #19519
resource_helpers.rb Use public Module#include, in favor of…
test_case.rb Break down Rails::Generator::TestCase into modules
test_unit.rb nodoc TestUnit::Generators [ci skip]
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