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associations Fixing dynamic finders on associations to properly send arguments to …
connection_adapters fixing sql injection problem
locale Change all i18n interpolations from {{...}} to %{...}
locking Set destroyed=true in opt locking's destroy [#5058 state:resolved]
serializers AR JSON Serializer now supports custom root option.
aggregations.rb Merge docrails
association_preload.rb Revert "use Object#class instead of Object#type"
associations.rb Fix the #using_limitable_reflections? helper to work correctly by not…
autosave_association.rb Add module_eval missing file_name and line_number args
batches.rb backported AR correction to find_each and find_in_batches to raise wh…
calculations.rb Fix ActiveRecord calculations when grouped by multiple fields
callbacks.rb Merge with docrails
dirty.rb fixing performance regression from 2.3.5 -> 2.3.8
dynamic_finder_match.rb Dynamic finders should use the ActiveRecord::Base::find method instea…
dynamic_scope_match.rb Introduce dynamic scopes for ActiveRecord: you can now use class meth…
fixtures.rb changing fixtures back to superclass_delegating_accessor until we can…
migration.rb Changes the usage of Object#returning with Object#tap
named_scope.rb Remove duplication of conditions generated for associations when used…
nested_attributes.rb Revert 7d2173e which introduced a security vulnerability.
observer.rb Make observers define #after_find in the model only if needed.
query_cache.rb ActiveRecord::QueryCache middleware
reflection.rb Backport of lazy evaluation of has_many ..., :dependent => :___
schema.rb Allow AR::Schema's migrations_path to be overwritten by subclasses. D…
schema_dumper.rb Make sure schema dumper doesnt throw up when there are no index lengths
serialization.rb Changes the usage of Object#returning with Object#tap
session_store.rb Sessions should not be created until written to and session data shou…
test_case.rb DRY with_kcode in Active Record tests
timestamp.rb Added :touch option to belongs_to associations that will touch the pa…
transactions.rb Revert "Wrap calls to update_attributes in a transaction."
validations.rb Better minimum validates_length_of examples (adapted from master).
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