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tag: v3.2.13
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cache Add ActiveSupport::Cache::NullStore to expose caching interface witho…
dependencies Replace the placeholder base_hook API with on_load. To specify some c…
deprecation Changed a few instances of of words in the API docs written in Britis…
inflector make sure the inflection rules are loaded when cherry-picking active_…
locale Deletes trailing whitespaces (over text files only find * -type f -ex…
log_subscriber Modified content in guides and comments
multibyte adds a couple of missing magic comments [fixes #1374]
testing Update RUBY_VERSION check for performance testing to handle 2.0.0
time Remove 'core' fluff. Hookable ActiveSupport.load_all!
xml_mini JDOM XXE Protection [CVE-2013-1856]
all.rb AS json refactor, move to_json implementation to core_ext and a clean…
base64.rb Fix use of Deprecation without requiring active_support/deprecation i…
basic_object.rb Prefer a less intrusive BlankSlate-alike that doesn't hook Object# an…
benchmarkable.rb Merge pull request #5188 from jlxw/patch-1
buffered_logger.rb buffered logger is initialized with the log level passed trough the i…
builder.rb Unforce builder from AS
callbacks.rb sync __run_callbacks with ruby-trunk
concern.rb Fixed description for ActiveSupport::Concern typical case
configurable.rb Fix configurable cristalization and tests.
core_ext.rb Unneeded util require
dependencies.rb fixes a bug in dependencies.rb
descendants_tracker.rb Revert "Revert "It should be possible to use ActiveSupport::Descendan…
duration.rb Fix AS::Duration#duplicable? on 1.8
file_watcher.rb use === so that regular expressions are not required
gzip.rb Fix ActiveSupport::Gzip under Ruby 1.8.7. Closes #2416
hash_with_indifferent_access.rb search private and protected methods for convert_key
i18n.rb Move I18n dependency back to ActiveSupport.
i18n_railtie.rb FileUpdateChecker should be able to handle deleted files.
inflections.rb make sure the inflection rules are loaded when cherry-picking active_…
inflector.rb Break up inflector to reduce the dependency burden on dependency-les …
json.rb JSON: split encoding and coercion
log_subscriber.rb grammar changes to log subscriber docs
memoizable.rb Update CHANGELOG, improve message.
message_encryptor.rb fix base64 requires
notifications.rb warns against using temporary subscribers
ordered_hash.rb remove nodoc on OrderedHash
ordered_options.rb OrderedOptions must implement respond_to? if it implements method_mis…
railtie.rb stop circular require warnings
rescuable.rb Whitespace and example identation
test_case.rb Make tests for the presence of MiniTest consistent.
time.rb Refactor move some date, time and date_time methods to */zones and fi…
time_with_zone.rb Wrap time ranges with timezones, closes #8807
version.rb bumping to 3.2.13
xml_mini.rb fix base64 requires
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