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Running the upgrade check on engines #19

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I love this plugin, but found a drawback. It only runs the battery of tests in the main app, and not for controllers, views, models, etc. found in engines. So I added a BASE_PATH parameter to the rails:upgrade:check task so that a path to the plugin's folder can be specified.

So this now works: rake rails:upgrade:check BASE_PATH=vendor/plugins/XXXX

Of course such parameter is optional so it doesn't break the original syntax. It was a very simple change, but I thought it was extremely useful in my own projects, so I thought I share.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Take care,
Andres Montano
Tibetan and Himalayan Library, University of Virginia

amontano added some commits Apr 26, 2012
@amontano amontano Now this works: 'rake rails:upgrade:check BASE_PATH=vendor/plugins/XX…
…XX' in order to check engine plugins (kept parameter optional to not break old syntax).
@amontano amontano making ruby code more standard 098c220
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