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sass-rails 3.1.6 doesn't work with sass 3.1.18 #106

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Using rails 3.1.2, sass 3.1.18 and sass-rails 3.1.6 fails while precompiling the asset with an empty screen.css:

** Execute assets:precompile:primary
rake aborted!
stack level too deep
(in /Users/xxx/work/xxx/app/assets/stylesheets/screen.css.sass)

required in application.rb via:
config.assets.precompile += ["screen.css"]

downgrading to sass-rails 3.1.5 fixes this problem for now.


See also #78 and #100.


Can't downgrade on Rails 3.2:
Any ideas?

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "railties":

In Gemfile:

sass-rails (= 3.1.5) ruby depends on
  railties (~> 3.1.0) ruby

coffee-rails (>= 0) ruby depends on
  railties (3.2.8)

hours burnt, innocent blamed sass/sass#575
3.1.6 doesn't work with sass 3.1.21 or 3.2.3 here (rails 3.1.8 if you want to know)
back to 3.1.5


@flipkick Is this still an issue? Can you test it with 3.1.7?


Closing here, because there haven't get any update since months. Please try it with a newer version.

@frodsan frodsan closed this
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