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Keep dot files out of Gem #116

voxik opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Vít Ondruch Francesco Rodríguez
Vít Ondruch
voxik commented


Trying to package your gem for Fedora, our rpmlint tool complains about .gitignore and .gitkeep files included in the released gem. Could you mind to keep them out of the gem, since I believe they don't have any meaning outside of the original git repository? Thank you.

Francesco Rodríguez

Since this is a feature request, and there's been no responses in months, I'm closing it. Note that we don't accept feature requests on the tracker. If you'd like to see this feature into the gem, please submit a pull request or feel free
to ping the rails-core mailing list to get feedback. Thanks.

Francesco Rodríguez frodsan closed this
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