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Support for nested fields_for with alphanumeric keys #40

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I was trying to get the nested_form gem working with strong_parameters. And I am having some trouble getting the two of them working nicely together.

Nested_form is using javascript for adding more or less nested fields for, when working with a model through a form. It is auto creating a unique index key for each set of fields, resulting in nested_attributes parameters with alphanumeric keys, instead of the normal integer based 0,1,2 etc.

I am not quite sure how to fix this, but i have added a failing test describing the problem. I could also try to change nested_form, but I think the solution would be more flexible if strong_parameters supported this.

One solution could be allowing the regexp, currently used for detecting integer based keys, to be changed in a configuration setting.

// Sune


I'm struggling with nested resources as well. However, your problem should IMHO be fixed on the nested_form gem. The prefix author_in keys such as author_1 inside the authors_attributes is redundant and inconsistent with out of the box nested forms. I'm not sure to what extend numeric keys may be a convention already, but it seems to make sense to stick to such a rule in order to keep other code working with the params hash (such as strong_parameters) as configuration free as possible.


Thank you for your comments. I looked into the nested form gem, trying to understand why they prefix some with new_. It is to prevent clashes with the ids generated and existing ids in the db


@kibs kibs referenced this pull request in ryanb/nested_form

Strong_parameters support #199


@kibs: Ah, good point, forgot about that.


nested_form has removed the new prefix, the id is not taken from the key anyway. At least not anymore. I am closing this.

@kibs kibs closed this
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  1. +18 −0 test/nested_parameters_test.rb
18 test/nested_parameters_test.rb
@@ -128,4 +128,22 @@ class NestedParametersTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
assert_equal 'William Shakespeare', permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['-1'][:name]
assert_equal 'Unattributed Assistant', permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['-2'][:name]
+ test "fields_for_style_nested_params with alphanumeric keys" do
+ params ={
+ book: {
+ authors_attributes: {
+ :'author_1' => {name: 'William Shakespeare', age_of_death: '52'},
+ :'author_2' => {name: 'Unattributed Assistant'}
+ }
+ }
+ })
+ permitted = params.permit book: {authors_attributes: [:name]}
+ assert_not_nil permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['author_1']
+ assert_not_nil permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['author_2']
+ assert_nil permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['author_1'][:age_of_death]
+ assert_equal 'William Shakespeare', permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['author_1'][:name]
+ assert_equal 'Unattributed Assistant', permitted[:book][:authors_attributes]['author_2'][:name]
+ end
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