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Problem with CSS in <noscript> #176

davidray opened this Issue · 2 comments

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David Christiansen Nick Reed
David Christiansen

I use noscript to tell users with javascript disabled to go away. I recently got a bit more agressive with it and put some css in it to hide everything, like this:

            #the_shizzle {
              display: none;
        <p>Your browser does not have javascript enabled - TroopTrack relies on Javascript and it must be enabled to use this site. Please enable javascript in your browser.</p>

#the_shizzle is me being silly, but it's the ID of the div where I yield to the view.

In a browser with javascript enable, and with that CSS inside my noscript tag, for some reason the_shizzle css gets applied every time I click a turbolinks enabled link, and my views never appear. If I click on a non-turbolinks link, it works fine.

Is this a turbolinks issue or am I being stupid?



Nick Reed

It's more of a browser issue. When javascript appends a noscript tag containing a style tag to the DOM, the browser appears to apply the CSS, ignoring the fact that it's inside a noscript tag.

I'm about to submit a PR to handle this issue. It's just going to remove all the noscript tags from the body. For the time being, you can fix your application by adding this to your javascript:

$(document).on 'page:change', ->
David Christiansen

Thanks. That fixed it for me.

David Christiansen davidray closed this
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