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[Boring Introduction]
TzTime is a wrapper for the Time class. It associates a time instance with a time zone, and keeps the two together. It quacks very much like a Time instance, and even provides the same extension methods that Rails adds to time objects.
By combining the time and the time zone in a single time-like class, you can simplify much of the time-zone gymnastics that you were previously forced to do.
[Exciting Introduction]
TzTime is subversive. It even _sounds_ subversive, like sharp incisors snicking together in the dark. It sneaks into your app from the inside and stuffs time zone support into the cracks. It's like a little ruby-colored rat, poking around in the under-basement of your code, but instead of chewing away at the infrastructure with its sharp little teeth (and believe me, they _are_ sharp), it builds fluffy (and oh, so comfortable!) little time-zone flavored nests wherever it can.
This look familiar?
class TasksController < ApplicationController
def create
task =[:task])
task.alert_at = current_user.time_zone.local_to_utc(task.alert_at)!
Oh, that awful bloating sensation! Because the time zone is not globally accessible, you have to jump through hoop and ungainly hoop in your controllers...or pass the unfortunate time zone to method after method.
No more! Let the Rodent of Unusually Fine TZ Acumen aid you:
class ApplicationController < ActionController:Base
around_filter :set_timezone
def set_timezone = current_user.time_zone
class Task < ActiveRecord::Base
tz_time_attributes :alert_at
class TasksController < ApplicationController
def create
task = account.tasks.create(params[:task])
Let the rat cart the time-zone around for you! Refactor those nasty time zone conversions into your model, where they belong. Soar through the heady winds of your application's stratosphere, comfortable in the knowledge that you have helpful little rats scurrying about in the dark.
Or maybe they're gnomes.
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