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# Note: You must restart bin/webpacker-dev-server for changes to take effect
default: &default
source_path: app/javascript
source_entry_path: /
public_root_path: public
public_output_path: packs
cache_path: tmp/webpacker
webpack_compile_output: true
# Additional paths webpack should look up modules
# ['app/assets', 'engine/foo/app/assets']
additional_paths: []
# Reload manifest.json on all requests so we reload latest compiled packs
cache_manifest: false
<<: *default
compile: true
# Reference:
https: false
host: localhost
port: 3035
# Hot Module Replacement updates modules while the application is running without a full reload
hmr: false
# Defaults to the inverse of hmr. Uncomment to manually set this.
# live_reload: true
# Should we show a full-screen overlay in the browser when there are compiler errors or warnings?
overlay: true
# May also be a string
# webSocketURL:
# hostname: ""
# pathname: "/ws"
# port: 8080
# Should we use gzip compression?
compress: true
# Note that apps that do not check the host are vulnerable to DNS rebinding attacks
allowed_hosts: "all"
pretty: true
'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*'
ignored: '**/node_modules/**'
<<: *default
compile: true
# Compile test packs to a separate directory
public_output_path: packs-test
<<: *default
# Production depends on precompilation of packs prior to booting for performance.
compile: false
# Cache manifest.json for performance
cache_manifest: true