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MooModel is a javascript framework based on top of mootools to facilitate object oriented development in Javascript. It makes use of mootools classes and provide additional features like:

  • Classes and Inheritance
  • Class methods
  • Subclassing and Mixins
  • Observable Hash as attributes
  • Dirty attributes
  • Validations
  • REST Persistence

For further information and documentation, refer the introductory post on my blog.


  • require mootools
  • require moo-model
  • start using


Requires gem sinatra, json.

ruby test/app.rb

In your browser see the tests passing at http://localhost:4567/

Bugs and Feedback

For bugs and feedback, drop a line at anup[dot]

Copyright (c) 2010 Anup Narkhede & Richard Hooker See the attached MIT License.