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6e95c37 @flyerhzm build a base rails3 app by flyerhzm's rails3-template
flyerhzm authored
1 .DS_Store
2 .bundle
3 db/*.sqlite3
4 log/*.log
5 tmp/**/*
ad188a3 @flyerhzm remove css_sprite files
flyerhzm authored
6 app/assets/images/css_sprite.png
7 app/assets/stylesheets/css_sprite.css.scss
72110f2 @flyerhzm seo meta and sitemap for implementation pages and disable bullet now for...
flyerhzm authored
8 public/*.xml.gz
836228f @flyerhzm ignore config/database.yml
flyerhzm authored
9 config/database.yml
cef339a @flyerhzm add bitly for shorten url
flyerhzm authored
10 config/bitly.yml
500ad42 @flyerhzm use omniauth instead of authlogic-connect
flyerhzm authored
11 config/omniauth.yml
a951c01 @flyerhzm use memcahce.yml to config memcache
flyerhzm authored
12 config/memcache.yml
68282ea @ngty Vim swp files should be ignored.
ngty authored
13 *.swp
2290252 @flyerhzm ignore dump.rdb
flyerhzm authored
14 dump.rdb
ccf3fa6 @ngty Ignore CrossStub cache file.
ngty authored
15 tmp/cross-stub.cache
e061f7e @flyerhzm rake rspec:rcov support
flyerhzm authored
16 coverage
b6c078c @flyerhzm use thinking-sphinx for full text search
flyerhzm authored
17 db/sphinx
18 log/*.pid
0955be5 @flyerhzm test search, not passed, need help
flyerhzm authored
19 config/*.sphinx.conf
b89f963 @flyerhzm send notifications email by
flyerhzm authored
20 config/mailers.yml
d27f5bb @flyerhzm display post only when it is published
flyerhzm authored
21 config/sphinx.yml
18103c0 @flyerhzm add rails-erd
flyerhzm authored
22 ERD.pdf
2c94efb @flyerhzm add google adsense to jobs/show page
flyerhzm authored
23 log/newrelic_agent_store.db
d08855f @flyerhzm upgrade to rails 3.1
flyerhzm authored
24 .sass-cache/
6ca53f4 @flyerhzm git ignore public/assets directory
flyerhzm authored
25 public/assets/
6811b3d @flyerhzm bundle with binstubs
flyerhzm authored
26 bin/
3ec5065 @flyerhzm git ignore .rvmrc
flyerhzm authored
27 .rvmrc
8a5458c @flyerhzm add simplecov to spec_helper
flyerhzm authored
28 coverage/
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