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This site is maintained by RailsBridge volunteers. If you find something that could be improved, please make a [pull request]( or [drop us a note]( via GitHub Issues (no technical knowledge required).
h1 'Setup'
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Software you will need to download prior to the workshop.
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Instructions for installing the software on your computer in order to use Ruby and Rails.
h1 'Tutorials'
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The "classic" RailsBridge curriculum (Suggestotron). Takes you step-by-step through making a Rails app, one command at a time, using helpers like `rails generate scaffold`, and deploying that app to the Internet.
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A Ruby-specific curriculum, expanded from the "Ruby for Beginners" slide deck. Still new, with room for your contributions.
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# RailsBridge curriculum-related FAQ
### Can I use the RailsBridge curricula at my event?
Anyone can use this site! It's under a Creative Commons license ([CC-BY, specifically](, which means you're welcome to share, remix, or use our content commercially. We just ask for attribution.
Slightly different: if you're organizing an event and wonder if it could be considered a RailsBridge Workshop, we have two requirements:
* The event should be free of charge.
* The event should target a group of people that is underrepresented in tech, such as LGBTQ folks, women, black or latin@ people, or others.
If you're not doing those two things, you can totally still use the site, we just ask that you not call your event a RailsBridge workshop.
(Charity workshops have used "Rails Workshop featuring the RailsBridge curriculum" in the past, which is neat.)
### I want to help, but I don't know how.
First, [make a GitHub account]( Then,
[create an issue]( with the
idea you have. We'll help you turn it into reality (assuming it's in line with
our lofty goals :D).
Don't know what you could work on? Browse the
[issues list]( and the
[To Do list](
Those have lots of ideas.
### I have a different question about RailsBridge.
The [RailsBridge website]( probably has an answer!