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### Goal
Our aim is to get you acquainted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the most essential building blocks
of web experiences. You'll create a basic static web page about yourself and possibly deploy
it to the web. You'll:
* Write some content and give it some structure with **HTML**,
* Use **CSS** to adjust the layout and style of that content,
* Use **JavaScript** to add interactive components.
* And optionally, push your website to GitHub with **git**.
Here's a sample sketch of what your page could look like:
### Schedule
* 1-2 hours of playing with basic HTML, CSS and Javascript
* 4-ish hours of building our page
* Optional: if you've worked with GitHub before and want to put your website online using Git and GitHub, we have instructions for that! (The curriculum has you keeping your site local by default.)
This is just a rough guideline, not a mandate. Some steps you'll go over and some you'll go under. It'll all work out by the end of the day. :D
### Requirements
We're going to be working with:
* [Chrome](
(If you're experienced with the developer tools in another browser, that may work too.)
* The code editor of your choice.
[Sublime Text 2]( is popular and free to download, but you should buy a license if you keep using it after the workshop.
[Komodo Edit]( is a good open source option, if you don't have one yet.
Optional tools if you're deploying to GitHub:
* Git
* Your [GitHub]( account
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