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This page is currently only the seed of what may some day be a curriculum.
If you're looking for a more complete curriculum, try <a href="/javascript-snake-game">Javascript Snake Game</a>
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### Goal
This curriculum is meant to introduce the javascript programming language. It builds on the <a href="/frontend">Front End RailsBridge Curriculum</a>. Anyone familiar with HTML, will be able to work through this curriculum.
In the workshop, we will:
* Learn about and use the primitive types of javascript,
* Learn about and use functions and callbacks,
* Understand scope, and the changing value of the keyword 'this'
* Use javascript to create a simple single page application.
* Use git to version control our application.
This is just a rough guideline, not a mandate. Some steps you'll go over and some you'll go under. It'll all work out by the end of the day. :D
### Requirements
We're going to be working with:
* [Chrome](
(If you're experienced with the developer tools in another browser, that may work too.)
* The code editor of your choice.
[Sublime Text 2]( is popular and free to download, but you should buy a license if you keep using it after the workshop.
[Komodo Edit]( is a good open source option, if you don't have one yet.
Optional tools if you're checking in to GitHub:
* Git
* Your [GitHub]( account
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