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Learn To Code

You may have never programmed before. Now you will.

What is coding?

  • coding = programming

  • ...thoughts?

What is coding NOT?

  • coding is not mathematical
    • some logic
    • mostly just long todo lists
  • coding is not lonely
    • most coding happens in a team
    • pair programming is awesome

What is coding?

  • coding is fun!
  • coding is frustrating!
  • coding is creative!
  • coding is communication
    • between you and a computer
    • between you and other coders

What will we learn today?

In this class, you will utilize Ruby to learn:

  • The command line and why we use it

  • Learn about Strings, Arrays, Variables, Objects, Loops, Files

  • Object concepts like Methods

  • How to run your Ruby code interactively (irb) or from a file

  • Make a very simple website run on your own computer

Follow along at

Go at your own pace

  • we will definitely not get through all the materials today

What if I know some of that already?

  • Pair up and fill in each other's gaps
  • Promote yourself to TA

And if you and your pair finish early...

Technical requirements