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RailsBridge Board: The Repo

This is where the RailsBridge board will be tracking its various projects!

Who is the board?

These people are the current board:

What is this for?

We are using GitHub Issues to keep track of our projects. If you have a question or request for the board, you can submit it as an issue or email

RailsBridge Board Charter

Purpose of the Board of Directors

To help RailsBridge grow geographically and organizationally by creating structures that support the work of RailsBridge volunteer organizers and teachers.

Responsibilities of the Board

  • Support RailsBridge’s mission of making tech accessible to people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Manage RailsBridge’s finances, in conjunction with Bridge Foundry.
  • Establish teams and processes that foster organizational growth and volunteer happiness.
  • Support teams and chapters to create sustainable growth.
  • Assist in conflict resolution as needed.

Responsibilities of Board Members

  • Serve on the board for a 2 year term
  • Attend monthly board meetings
    • To ensure operational sustainability, board members cannot miss more than two monthly meetings a row. Attendance will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.
  • Serve on at least one RailsBridge team or committee (i.e. finance, communications, geographic expansion, operations)
  • Board members should expect to do about 10 hours of RailsBridge work per month, depending on the board member’s responsibilities
  • Recruit new committee and board members
  • Attend two RailsBridge workshops per year to stay connected to the RailsBridge community

Board Communications

Any member of the RailsBridge community can get in touch with the board privately by emailing or publicly by creating an issue on the Board GitHub repo:


Appointing New Board Members

  • Board members are appointed by the current board from the RailsBridge community
  • The board will identify potential members by announcing when seats are open and by reaching out to chapter leaders for nominations

Election process for regular board seats

The board will announce to the general RailsBridge community when members’ terms are ending, and solicit nominations from the community. The Board will then interview candidates and appoint the person best suited for the current needs of the board.

Election process for unplanned vacancies

When there are unplanned vacancies, the Board will either fill the position permanently or find an interim board member until the original board member’s term in finished, depending on the needs of the organization and the person filling the vacancy.

Board Recruitment Policies

Board Member Requirements

Board Composition

  • The board will prefer members from underrepresented populations in technology.
  • The board will seek to maintain a balance of experienced and new perspectives in its membership.

Individual Requirements

  • Nominees should be current or former RailsBridge volunteers.
  • Nominees should have at least six months of involvement with RailsBridge.
  • Nominees with prior leadership experience within their chapter or in the larger RailsBridge organization will be preferred.

How the board makes decisions

The board will vote on decisions and needs a majority to make changes to this charter or other policy changes. For major decisions, it will also consult with the RailsBridge Advisory Board.


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