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step "Have a volunteer check your tool versions" do
message "Find a volunteer and have them watch the next steps."
verify "tool installation" do
tip "Most of the time, the version numbers don't have to match exactly. In general, if the *first two* numbers match, or if the full number you have is *greater* than the one below, then you're cool."
h3 "If you're on OSX or Linux:"
console "rvm -v"
fuzzy_result "rvm 1{FUZZY}.x.x by Wayne E. Seguin ( []{/FUZZY}"
h3 "On all operating systems:"
console "ruby -v"
fuzzy_result "ruby 2.3{FUZZY}.3p222 (2015-12-16 revision 53155) [x86_64-darwin13]{/FUZZY}"
tip "As long as your Ruby version is #{version_string(:ruby_short)} or above, you're good to go."
console "bundle -v"
fuzzy_result "Bundler version 1{FUZZY}.x.x{/FUZZY}"
console "rails -v"
fuzzy_result "Rails 5.0{FUZZY}.x{/FUZZY}"
tip 'The RailsBridge curriculum is written for Rails 5, so if you still have Rails 4.x or earlier, you need to install Rails 5 with `gem install rails`.'
step "Show your Heroku app to a volunteer" do
message "Visit the heroku site you made on the previous page and create a new drink."
step "Congratulations!" do
message "You get a sticker! (Or a high-five if there aren't any stickers)."
next_step "clean_up"
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