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message "Installing XCode is straightforward with one caveat. When it asks you about the components to install you need to make sure \"Unix Tools\" is selected. Other than that just click Continue/Okay/Yes/etc."
step "Insert your OS X DVD or Thumb Drive"
step "Locate Xcode.mpkg" do
message "on the OS X DVD, it is inside the \"Optional Installs\" folder."
step 'Double-click Xcode.mkpg' do
message 'This will bring up a window titled *"Install XCode."*'
step "Keep on clicking..." do
li 'Click "Continue" at the Introduction screen.'
li 'Click "Continue" at the License screen.'
li 'Click "Agree" in the pop up to agree to the license.'
li 'Click "Continue" at the Destination Select screen.'
li "Click \"Continue\" at the Installation Type screen. (Don't change the checkboxes.)"
step 'Click "Install".' do
message "Enter your user password in the pop up to REALLY start installing. It takes a while."
step 'Click "Close"' do
message 'once you get "The installation was successful" on the Summary screen.'
next_step 'osx_rvm'