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Hosting venue questions

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Location Questionnaire


  • Who will be the company's liaison to contact if any questions/problems arise during the workshop? What is their contact information? During parts of the workshop will they be on-site?
  • Which rooms/spaces are available for workshop use?
  • May we (and can we -- sometimes there are reasons why it's logistically not possible) reconfigure spaces freely, for instance moving desks and tables, as long as we promise to diligently restore their original configuration before leaving on Saturday?
  • Can the location also be used for teacher training and/or after-party?
  • What is a suitable space, if any, to put children and a babysitter?


  • What arrangements need to be made regarding picking up/dropping off keys?
  • Does there need to be someone down at the door?
  • Will they require non-disclosure agreements?
  • Are there rooms/areas that must be kept off-limits?
  • Are there any special arrangements to make regarding security? For example, providing a list of attendee names some number of days/weeks in advance.
  • Is there a firm time when they need us to depart, or are they fine with letting us stay until the last person is done? (Particularly relevant for the unpredictable nature of Installfest.)


  • How many of the rooms/spaces for the workshop have screens/projectors? Do we need to bring some if we are working in open spaces, or can they lend us monitors to instead plug into?
  • Are there Mac and PC adaptors available for each of those screens/projectors/monitors?
  • Are there extension cords/connectors that the workshop can use?
  • Is there a microphone and amplified system available to use for the large group announcements sections?
  • Is there central air/heat on the weekends? If not, are there extra fans/space heaters that can be used if needed?
  • May we use any whiteboards and chalkboards we find in the rooms/spaces? If so, may we erase whatever is already on those?
  • Anything not-completely-obvious to know about using their equipment?
  • What is the wifi login?


  • Is there public parking nearby they can recommend?
  • Is there bike parking anywhere in the building that would be available for the workshop?


  • Which of the meals for the workshop are they planning on covering?
  • Would they prefer to arrange any of the food? Or would they prefer we arrange and have the caterers submit any invoices to the location host?
  • Can the caterer accommodate special dietary requests, e.g. food allergies? Or do they prefer we arrange for those meals separately?
  • If there are snacks/drinks at the office, are these available to people at the workshop?


  • Where are trash receptacles?
  • Where are compost/trash/recycle bags located?
  • Where should filled compost/trash/recycle bags be put?
  • Do they have any specific cleanup/composting requirements?
  • Do we need to wipe down all tables or just handle the trash and put tables back where they were before the event?
  • Would they prefer we use all disposable dishes and utensils?
  • Would they prefer that we throw out any left over food? Or wrap it and leave it in the fridge for any of their people?


  • When would they like to have a plug? (Friday night? Saturday Morning?) Would they like to make a recruiting pitch too?
  • Will they have some of their people attending to do this?
  • If no, do they have any specific projects they would like us to mention when we’re giving the plug?
  • Would they like to provide company-branded stickers for Installfest?
  • Would they like to provide any other promotional shwag, such as company t-shirts, buttons, etc?

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