Quotable Comments

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Installfest & Curriculum

  • "RailsBridge was awesome, blown away by how fast it is to make and deploy web apps with lots of modern front-end goodies using rails+heroku" https://twitter.com/BasilLeaf/statuses/211671482097614848

  • "Even though I've been to numerous Railsbridge workshops that teach the same material/curriculum, I always learn something new, which I find astounding."


About Volunteers

  • "Friendly, supportive atmosphere created by the organizers/volunteers."

  • "Such great teachers!"

  • "The instructors and teacher assistance were very smart and kind. They were very patient, helpful and inspiring."

  • "The TAs are really helpful and I appreciate the food, which helps keep me going while learning challenging new things."

  • "The individual attention was very much appreciated!"

  • "Flexibility, friendliness, openness."

From Volunteers

TODO: ask for some


Railsbridge, hosts, networking

  • "This workshop series is so amazing and inspiring. The extent of the generosity of the sponsors/companies that provide venues/organizers/mentors/TAs never fails to amaze me."

  • "I liked the pre- and post-break times to hang out with others and find out about the community."

  • "Great volunteers, teachers, TAs, great sponsor for venue, wifi, and food."


  • "Every time I come to Railsbridge, I become more confident and I love RoR even more."

  • "Every month after I finish going to a workshop, I feel like such a badass coder. Attending these workshops and feeling like I started to really understand concepts more make me feel like I can do anything and usually provides me with a much-needed jolt of confidence when I'm feeling stuck on my current projects."

  • "I really enjoyed the class, I loved learning something new. It's so refreshing and inspiring, I want to keep learning"

  • "Definitely planning on getting more involved in the future."