SF Catering and after party location suggestions

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Pizza Places

Extreme Pizza

  • 1062 Folsom Street
  • (415) 701-9000


  • 833 Mission Street
  • (415) 995-5552

Breakfast Catering

Noah's Bagels

  • 100 Bush St. Suite 102
  • (415) 433-9682

They have a great catering delivery service on bagels. Order enough bagels to cover about 70% of attendees/volunteers with ‘Yes’ RSVP. If you order hot sandwiches, let them know when you order to cut in halves and wrapped individually. They're happy to oblige & it makes setup that much faster for you. Request Extra cups & cream for coffee.

Coffee Bean

A reasonable coffee shop who will deliver which includes sugar, milk, disposable cups etc. A Cambro (5 gallons) is usually MORE than enough for 70 people as not everyone will drink coffee.

Lunch Catering

Whole Foods SOMA

  • 399 4th St (between Clara St & Harrison St)
  • (415) 618-0066
  • Delivery: probably
  • Weekend Delivery: probably
  • Delivery Charge: probably

La Mediterranee Fillmore

  • 2210 Fillmore St (between Sacramento St & Clay St)
  • Contact: Allison
  • (415) 921-4061
  • Delivery: Yes
  • Weekend Delivery: Yes
  • Notes: They do a really nice blend of hot, cold, meat, vegan and gluten free within budget. They deliver to SOMA and Downtown.

Triptych Restaurant

  • (415) 703-0557
  • Contact: David Kittredge
  • Notes: David is the owner and very very helpful and patient. Tell him your budget and he'll make it work. This restaurant is often used by Pivotal for catering. He has a standard menu for us that is both in our budget and deliciously accommodates all the diets (meat-eaters, vegetarian, vegans and gluten free). To order food from Triptych, give them a few weeks notice, and email david (at) triptychsf.com with something like this:

Hi David,

My name is [Sarah]. I'm organizing a RailsBridge Workshop. RailsBridge gave me your contact information and said Triptych had catered several workshops in the past. We're having a workshop on [Saturday, August 11], and we've scheduled lunch for [12:30]. It's set for the [IGN office] at [500 2nd Street].

We're expecting [100] people, but RailsBridge suggested that we should give a smaller head count of [75% of the expected headcount]. As usual, we need a menu that accommodates vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free diets and meat-eaters. I'm ccing my co-organizer, [Samantha], and including both our phone numbers below for when you need us the morning of. Do you think that will work?

Thanks, You

San Francisco Soup Company - Financial District

  • Gary, catering manager
  • California Street @ Davis
  • (415) 986-3634

After Party

Questions for potential after party location:

  • Are you open between 4:30pm and 6:30pm on Saturdays?
  • Can you run an open tab for us? Or honor drink tickets provided to our volunteers?
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