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Post Workshop Survey - (as of 4/2014, this is now handled by BridgeTroll from the Organizer's console)

You should probably take the previous workshop's survey and paste it into a different sheet (look along the bottom if you haven't used sheets in spreadsheets before). Again, this links to the spreadsheet, not the forms itself. Don't send this link to your students.


Old Stuff

Bridge Troll handles most of the communications for workshops at this point; only the post-workshop survey needs to still be sent out using Google Docs. Pre-workshop surveys are included in the RSVP process in Bridge Troll. Most of the content of this section is unnecessary if you're using Bridge Troll.

Old Stuff

These are direct links to spreadsheets & forms that you can use as a template. You must COPY THESE DOCS before using them to avoid exposing your student's or volunteer's data to anyone who click on these links.

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