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Heroku Buildpack for Ember Applications

This buildpack will work out-of-the-box with Ember applications. It installs nginx and is capable of hosting an Ember application using the browser's history API (location: 'history').

This buildpack is derived from Tony Coconate's heroku-buildpack-ember-cli.


To declare the buildpack while creating a new Heroku application:

$ heroku create --buildpack https://github.com/railsdiff/heroku-buildpack-ember-static.git

To update an existing application's buildpack:

$ heroku buildpack:set https://github.com/railsdiff/heroku-buildpack-ember-static.git



You can set a few different environment variables to turn on features in this buildpack.

Nginx Workers

Set the number of workers for Nginx (Default: 4):

$heroku config:set NGINX_WORKERS=4

API Proxy

Set an API proxy URL:

$ heroku config:set API_URL=http://api.example.com/

Set your API's prefix path (Default: /api/):

$ heroku config:set API_PREFIX_PATH=/api/

Note that the trailing slashes are important. For more information about API proxies and avoiding CORS, read this.


Have a staging server? Want to protect it with authentication? When BASIC_AUTH_USER and BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD are set basic authentication will be activated:

$ heroku config:set BASIC_AUTH_USER=EXAMPLE_USER

Be sure to use https when you set this up for added security.


For most Ember applications that make any kind of authenticated requests (sending an auth token with a request for example), HTTPS should be used. Enable this feature in nginx by setting FORCE_HTTPS.

$ heroku config:set FORCE_HTTPS=true

Before and After Hooks

You can run your own scripts by creating after_hook.sh or before_hook.sh files (or both) in your app's hooks directory:

$ mkdir hooks
$ cd hooks
$ touch after_hook.sh
$ touch before_hook.sh

See the section on Compass for an example.


Prerender.io allows your application to be crawled by search engines.

Set the service's host and token:

$ heroku config:set PRERENDER_HOST=service.prerender.io
$ heroku config:set PRERENDER_TOKEN=<your-prerender-token>

Sign up for the hosted Prerender.io service or host it yourself. See the project's repo for more information.

Custom Nginx

Need to make a custom nginx configuration change? No problem. In your Ember CLI application, add a config/nginx.conf.erb file. You can copy the existing configuration file in this repo and make your changes to it.