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Spree Avatax

Build Status

This is an update to the original Spree Avatax gem (https://github.com/markalinn/Spree-Avatax) to work with Spree 2.2.x.

App Configuration

Unlike the old gem which used a Rails installation generator, the new Avatax calculator can be integrated via the prescribed Spree 2.2.x method of adding to the calculators array in your configuration file, http://guides.spreecommerce.com/developer/calculators.html.

### inside config/initializers/spree.rb:
config = Rails.application.config
config.spree.calculators.tax_rates << SpreeAvatax::Calculator
config.spree.calculators.shipping_methods << SpreeAvatax::Calculator
config.spree.calculators.promotion_actions_create_adjustments << SpreeAvatax::Calculator

You will also need to initialize a config object with your Avatax credentials as such:

SpreeAvatax::Config.username = 'YOUR USERNAME'
SpreeAvatax::Config.password = 'YOUR PASSWORD'
SpreeAvatax::Config.company_code = 'YOUR COMPANY'
SpreeAvatax::Config.endpoint = 'PROD OR DEV ENDPOINT'
SpreeAvatax::Config.suppress_api_errors = true/false

It is left to for you to decide how this gets set, either as an environment initializer or via a Spree preference.

Known Issues

  1. Shipping charges are not yet supported. This is on the todo list.
  2. "Additional tax" (e.g. US taxes) is supported but "included tax" (e.g. VAT) is not. This feature is not on the roadmap but we'd be willing to look at pull requests for it.
  3. Returns/Refunds/Exchanges are not currently being sent to Avatax. This is on the todo list and will be worked during or soon after the returns & exchanges refactor that we're working on with Spree for Spree 2.4.
  4. Note for future development: There is currently a bug in Spree where the "open all adjustments" admin button doesn't work for line item adjustments. See here. If that bug were ever fixed, we'd want to monkey patch the controller action to prevent tax adjustments from ever being re-opened. We always want tax adjustments to be "closed", which tells Spree not to try to recalculate them automatically.

Admin Configuration

Once Avatax is configured, you should be able to select Avatax as a calculator for all tax rules. This can be done in the Spree Admin, http://localhost:3000/admin/tax_rates/ and editing each existing rule.


The app tries to follow the test setup recommended by Spree Extensions, http://guides.spreecommerce.com/developer/extensions_tutorial.html.

To test, you will need a test application, then you can run the tests.

bundle exec rake test_app

Run tests!

bundle exec rake spec

Live tests are provided to insure that the Avalara gem works as promised. The credentials must be provided under spec/live to run them successfully. See the example .yml for guidance.

username: 'USERNAME'
password: 'PASSWORD'
company_code: 'COMPANY'

These tests will communicate against the test Avatax API.


Add spree_avatax to your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_avatax'

Bundle your dependencies and run the installation generator:

bundle exec rails g spree_avatax:install

Getting Started With Avalara

You can create your test Avalara API account here:


Copyright (c) 2014 [HoyaBoya], released under the New BSD License