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Landlord - Multi-tenant Spree extension

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What is Landlord?

Landlord is a Spree extension that enables hosting multiple store fronts from a single Rails app.

Getting Started

These instructions assume that you already have Spree installed in your Rails app.

Add spree_landlord to your gemfile.

gem 'spree_landlord', github: 'railsdog/spree_landlord'

Run bundler.

$ bundle install

Install migrations.

$ bundle exec rake spree_landlord:install:migrations

Run migrations. This will create the first tenant, also known as the master tenant. It also moves your data into the tenant as well.

$ bundle exec rake db:migrate

Create a tenant. This will ask you for a shortname, and a domain. The shortname is used when accessing the tenant by subdomain such as The domain is used to access the tenant with just a domain name, such as You'll also be asked if you want to populate the tenant with some sample products.

$ bundle exec rake spree_landlord:tenant:create

Note that it is CRITICAL that you use the latest version of deface in your application's Gemfile. The decorators used in this extension won't work w/ the version of deface that ships in recent versions of spree