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  • ability to see which users are super admin
  • write tests for default scopes
  • move multi tenant decoration code into a module
  • ensure that tenant ids are not overwritten because of using before_validation


  • map shortname subdomains to tenant
  • figure out way to acceptance test shortname subdomains
  • ensure tenant shortnames are stored lower case
  • figure out how to test alternative domains
  • map fulldomain to tenantname
  • ignore tenant subdomains on tenant fulldomain
  • ability to create a store without a domain set yet
  • ensure that preferences respect tenancy
  • ensure that current_tenant_id never returns nil
  • figure out how to speed up the tests by removing the call to reset preferences
  • refactor calls to Thread.current[:tenant_id]
  • fix issues with the move existing to master tenant migration
    • work with unscoped instances
    • use update_column for faster speed
  • silence bundler warning about authors not being filled out

won't do

  • nil subdomain should load master tenant instead of throwing