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what I learnt by reading and testing rubymotion code from other developers

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RubyMotion Book

last release on 30th May 2012

Work in Progress, chapter structure and content is subject to change as it is in very preliminary stages

You can post your questions / problems / suggestions / sample code / corrections on this link given below I would try to get a solution and also add it to this book and the accompanying code. Every contribution would be attributed.

RubyMotion Cookbook

What I learnt by reading and testing rubymotion code from other developers, sharing with this nascent RubyMotion Developer Community


  • A Senthil Nayagam (railsfactory) senthil at railsfactory dot org , twitter @senthilnayagam


  • A Senthil Nayagam (railsfactory)
  • Aravind Muthukumaraswamy, created the book cover
  • Kirubakaran, site
  • Ryan Walker, @ryw


RubyMotion Cookbook is written using the markdown files provided in ./chapters, which can then be converted to several output formats, currently including pdf, mobi, epub and of course html.


PDF downloads are available

Download Link

All Formats

$ make


Required by make book.pdf:

$ brew install htmldoc
$ make book.pdf


Required by make book.html:

$ gem install ronn
$ make book.html


Required by make book.epub: Requires Calibre

$ make book.epub


Required by make Requires Calibre

$ make


Contents of this eBook currently reference the following software versions:

  • RubyMotion 1.2


Source code referred in the book which you can find in the code folder for example: $ cd code/Hello $ rake

Third party code download steps is mentioned in Read Code chapter and the shell scripts to download all the 40+ projects exist in projects folder

$ cd projects
$ sh
$ sh


RubyMotion is an official trademark of RubyMotion. This work is not formally related to or endorsed by the official HipByte RubyMotion open source or commercial project.


I like system of building book(generously copying its code and structure) which is easy to build and publish.


No IDE or Windows machine were tortured while writing this book.

Initially started with the idea of writing the book with cookbook format, but based on initial feedback it is now written for first time iOS developer who know some ruby approach, book title may change

Creative Commons License
RubyMotion Cookbook by A. Senthil Nayagam is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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