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Add note about missing tools to setup #34

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In the Helsinki event, a few people ran into problems with Macs after an otherwise successful installation, because MAKE was missing and "rails new XXX" requires it. After installing MAKE by installing Xcode, GCC was still under a wrong name (it required gcc-4.2 and only gcc was provided). This can be fixed by linking GCC under the missing name. I added this information as a note to the setup guide.


I think this should rather be reported to the RailsInstaller people and fixed there :-)


Yeah, I think this should be reported to RailsInstaller people if you have a clear bug report.

The RailsInstaller installs osx-gcc-installer that includes all the developer tools and it has worked fine on many machines.

@vesan vesan closed this

In my experience the installer works fine. If we want to add extra notes for coaches, those should be separated from the participant installation guide. And I would prefer the XCode command-line tools (or osx-gcc-installer) instead of the huge full XCode installation.

I can't wait for Tokaido ( to be stable for use. Need for compiling stuff is making the installation experience quite hard just to get one day of experience with Rails.


Might be that the version of OS X was wrong/too old for RailsInstaller. I just merged a pull request (#30) that makes the supported OS X versions and matching installers clearer.

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@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ Follow the instructions for your operating system. If you hit into any problems,
Download [RailsInstaller]( Double click the downloaded file and it will unpack it into the current directory. Double click the the newly unpacked '' and follow the instructions. It will open a README file with 'Rails Installer OS X' at the top. Please ignore the instructions in this file.
+**Note!** After installing, when you try to create your first Rails application, you may get an error message about missing MAKE tool. In this case you should install [Xcode]( or the command-line developer tools for it. This may require registering as a developer, which is free and instantaneous. If after this detour, you still get an error about missing GCC, then you should link the */usr/bin/gcc command* to an alias */usr/bin/gcc-4.2* or whichever version it complains about not finding. To do this use e.g. ** and *ln -s /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/gcc-4.2* command.
You also need a text editor to edit code files. For the workshop we recommend the free code editor Komodo Edit.
* [Download the Komodo Edit and install it.](
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