RailsInstaller for OSX/Linux
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RailsInstaller OSX

Rails development environment installer for OS X

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The goal of this project is to generate an installer that when run installs all of the most common components for a Rails development environment with no required prerequisites on a OS X system.

Prerequisites - SM Framework & RVM

Local copy is used to build installer, so any branch/version locally downloaded will be used. For quick configuration in ~/projects and with installbuilder use:

curl -L https://raw.github.com/railsinstaller/railsinstaller-nix/master/prepare_local.sh | bash -s -- ~/projects ~/installbuilder

Building installer

Installer will automatically go through all required steps:

sudo ./prepare.sh

To keep the prepared files use __no_clean variable, which will prevent the process from cleaning after itself:

sudo __no_clean=true ./prepare.sh

To forward ssh session to root:

time eval sudo /usr/bin/env $(env | grep ^SSH  | sed 's/=\(.*\)$/='\'\\1\''/')  __no_clean=true ./prepare.sh

And finally to use different license for building:

echo "export installbuilder_license=$HOME/installbuilder-license.xml" >> /etc/rixrc